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Message No. 817
Author: sheats
Subject: Asterperious
Date: Thu Aug 23, 2007 06:59

There is a book published in 1944 by ANGUS AND ROBERTSON LTD
SYDNEY AUSTRALIA with the 319th crew pictures in it.
This may be the book he's talking about.
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  • Asterperious Special BookMargery Worrick, Wed Aug 22 21:44
    Hi, My Dad said he had a book much like a yearbook or crew publication he lost when his footlocker went missing. Does anyone know what I should be looking for??????? He was with the 319th 90th BG in... more
    • Asterperous Special BookScott Lucas, Sat Jun 5 17:49
      My dad was Dean Lucas and he was a mechanic for the Asterperious. He has recently passed away but in his belongings I have found the book i believe you are talking about. I could have it copied at... more
      • book Asterperiouskristine, Sat Nov 20 21:22
        My dad passed away a month ago. He was also a mechanic in the 319. i'm very interested in a copy of book. I trying to write his life story. My Dad's name is Roy Morrison Wales. he went by morris at... more
        • asterperious yearbook 319thgjkrenecki, Sun Mar 24 15:28
          Hello.......... Is anyone still looking for the Asterperious Yearbook about the 319th? We have one in excellent condition. Very interesting even for someone unrelated to the 319th. Includes tons of... more
          • Asterperious Yearbook 319thAnonymous, Sun Feb 23 19:18
            Hello, Is the yearbook still available? I am very interested to buy. Thanks, Alberto
          • Asperterious Yearbook 1944Anonymous, Wed Sep 4 21:41
            Hi, Do you still have this book? I'm very interested to get one. Thanks
          • asterperious yearbook 319thphilippe, Mon Mar 25 01:24
            Hello Yes I would be very interested to have the opportunity to buy this book! I'm collecting information around pilot Manville M. HEISEL, already have a lot but not this yearbook. Thank you to... more
            • 319th yearbookgjkrenecki, Mon Mar 25 01:45
              Hello........... Very nice to hear from an interested party in this unique little book, so packed with personal history. Frankly, not sure how to put a value on this since it is so specific. We feel... more
              • asterperious year book 319thphilippe, Mon Mar 25 01:54
                Hi again Your price will be mine, yes, 24 usd is fine, without shipping ! Thank you for your prompt answer, you can see my personal email, for further details for the shipping; this pilot was from... more
                • 319th yearbookgail, Mon Mar 25 02:10
                  Hello......... It is midnight here. Steve and I are fairly new to internet sales, but we do have a website on Etsy. Tomorrow I will figure out how to make this available to you with a reserved... more
                  • year book Asterperious 319thphilippe, Mon Mar 25 13:42
                    Hello Gail,Steve I discussed with my friend Sharon, she would be more than happy to get the book for me! She would pay it for me as well! Much better solution, isn't it?!! She invited me to forward... more
                    • AsterperiousGail Krenecki, Mon Mar 25 20:02
                      Hello....... Ever since you contacted me, I have been thinking about how wonderful it is that we stumbled upon a book with so much meaning to you. That is exactly why I tried to search out what this... more
                  • Asterperious year book 319thphilippe, Mon Mar 25 04:38
                    Dear Gail, Steve Of course, price would be without transport in these conditions, no worry! I've contacted my dear friend Sharon (pilot's'widow), she may answer my mail when she'll wake-up! Best... more
        • Re: book Asterperiousearl hainline, Mon Nov 22 07:52
          contact Bob Tupa he has copies of all the books on computor.ask and he might be able to send you it on disc
      • Scanned BookJohn Hillegass, Sun Jun 6 10:40
        My Dad (Paul James Hillegass from South Fork Pennsylvania) (deceased) was a nose gunner on a plane in the 319th and the Asteperious has been mentioned. If any material becomes available on the net I... more
    • yearbook requestDon Paschall, Fri May 29 10:17
      Yes, I know what you are looking for. I do have a copy of that book that belonged to my father who just happen to serve with you father. E mail me if you would like further info.
    • AsterperiousBill Gray, Wed Jun 4 16:32
      I have two copies. This is a slim hardbound book with photos of many combat crews and support unitss, unit history and base camp scenes. There are two crews posed in front of the Asterperious Special ... more
      • asterperious special photosStephanie Kessler, Sat May 28 16:52
        My grandfather was a mechanic on the asterperious. Do you have copies of the photos? My father and uncle would love to see these. My grandfathers name was Raymond Crawford.
      • asterperious special photosAnonymous, Sat May 28 16:51
        My grandfather was a mechanic on the asterperious. Do you have copies of the photos? My father and uncle would love to see these. My grandfathers name was Raymond Crawford.
      • Asterperious Special BookMargeery Worrick, Wed Jun 11 17:53
        Hi Bill, I would like to know what you are asking for the books. Thanks Margery
        • "Asterperious" bookBill Gray, Thu Jun 12 12:57
          Margeery; I have searched maybe 20 online collectible/military book sites and cannot find this one for a hint on price. I will say $100. Let me describe it in more detail so you can be sure it is the ... more
          • AsterperiousMargery Worrick, Thu Jun 12 18:30
            Hi there, It sure sounds like the book. Could you give me you email address and in the meantime I'll talk to my Dad? Thanks so much Margery
            • Who's WhoBill Gray, Fri Jun 13 10:29
              By the way, I looked through the pamphlet and found a "Ross, Harold E., S/Sgt, State College" listed in Pennsylvania under Asterperious Is that your father? This is the reported address of record at... more
              • AsperperiousMargery Worrick, Fri Jun 13 16:57
                Hi, Yes, that's by Dad. He seems to remember a William Gray in his group. Would that be you?? Watch you email for my address... Thanks so much!! Margery
                • Harold RossBob Tupa, Sat Jun 14 22:35
                  Harold E Ross, S/Sgt serial number 33568927 319th His crew was credited with downing 4 Japanese planes according to general order 166 dated Oct 19, 1945
                  • Re: Harold RossMargery Worrick, Mon Jun 16 07:19
                    Hi, Thanks for the information. Margery
                • Asterperious bookBill Gray, Sat Jun 14 08:07
                  It's Sat, 9 AM. Don't see your message with the address. Careful to use an underscore in my address (wcgray_va@yahoo.com). I am Bill Gray Jr. Just a lad of 21 (plus 40 years of experience). My Dad... more
            • Asterperious bookBill Gray, Fri Jun 13 10:14
              I am at wcgray_va@yahoo.com I will photograph some key pages and send them by snail mail to help you decide. I do not want to open the book up wide to photo copy because that could damage it. By the... more
              • asterperious book Keith M. Nichols, Mon Dec 13 06:10
                Hello my name is Keith M. Nichols, my grandfather Keith F. Nichols was a gunner on the asterperious special and I would like copies of any and all information anybody may have on the crew his friends ... more
              • 90th bomb group 319th 1943-44Adam Royer, Sun Aug 10 22:55
                My grandfather was Gerald E Roehning who was a bomber for John Farrell in the 319th. I was hoping you had information about him his missions what B-24's he flew etc. A copy of the pamphlet would be... more
                • AsterperiousDonna Lee Gulley, Fri Jan 3 23:13
                  Donald R. Nay was a navigator (Ready Willing and Able) - between bombing missions, he edited and made layouts for this book. I have donated his copy and other memorabilia to the Pritzker Military... more
                • asterperiousBill Gray, Thu Aug 14 22:57
                  I am in the early process of making a digital copy of the Asterperious book. The second copy I had I gave to what turned out to be a crewmate of my dad. But, I will be taking photos of each page and... more
                  • Asterperiousbill mccord, Thu Jan 19 22:20
                    Bill Gray, I'm interested in finding the digitized Asterperious unit history published in 1944. My uncle was KIA in 1943 as the pilot of B-24 Sad Sack. Sole fatality on flight. He is in the book... more
                    • 1943cindy shivers, Thu Jan 19 23:36
                      Hope you find what you are looking for....
      • Asterperious BookGeorge Sparks, Fri Jun 6 03:33
        My Uncle George Sparks was in the squadron. He was the Bombadier on Yankee Doodle Dandy which was shot down in April of 1944. I would be interested in purchasing the book if you have one available.
        • Yankee Doodle DandyHarold Lincoln, Sat Jun 12 23:37
          Hi George, My name is Harold Lincoln and my father was one of the first crew members of the Yankee Doodle Dandy. My father was S/SGT Harold J. Lincoln and was a waist gunner. My dad told me that he... more
          • Re: Yankee Doodle DandyAnonymous, Sun Jun 13 07:32
            Hi Harold Thanks for the note its amazing to still get details on an event that happened so long ago. George Sparks
        • Asterperious bookBill Gray, Sun Jun 15 12:32
          I am sorry but the original response led to a living crewmate of my father who lost his copy. I am giving the book to him. Hope you understand. I have a fine digital camera and can take hand held... more
      • Asterperious Special BookMargery Worrick, Wed Jun 4 21:34
        Hi, Thanks for getting back to me.. My Dad: Harold E. Ross should be in that book. I wanted to buy this book for sometime. 1st are you selling the books and how much. My Dad and I just are together... more
    • 319th bookBonnie Dilworth, Tue Aug 28 14:17
      Margery, Email me directly. I may have some photos for you. Bonnie
      • Re: 319th bookBonnie Dilworth, Tue Aug 28 14:19
        Sorry, I forgot to check the "show email address" box
    • Picture of Ryans crewJohn Faulkner, Sat Aug 25 21:39
      Margery, if you go to 90th bomb group .org You will get the Jollyroger web site . Go to combat crews and click on the square for Ryan and you will get a picture of Ryans crew
    • Asterperioussheats, Thu Aug 23 07:05
      The book is on E Bay at present. Very pricey
    • Asterperious — sheats, Thu Aug 23 06:59
      • Book 319thMargery Worrick, Thu Aug 23 19:36
        Hi, I looked on Ebay I'm not sure of the Name of the book. Oh! Thank you for your help!!!!!!!!! I'll go back and try to find it!!!! Were you with this group? Always, Margery
        • Worrick book searchJohn Faulkner, Fri Aug 24 08:11
          Margery what was the name of your fathers crews 1st Pilot? I might find it on the Jolly Roger web site. I was in the 320th sqdn.during the time that your dad was in the 319th. John
          • Re: Worrick book searchPaul Gallagher, Mon Aug 27 18:41
            Mr Faulkner can you offer any ideas on my info search on my dad. John Gallagher who served in the 320th late in the war? I ve not had any luck in finding out anything about his service in this unit.... more
            • info on John Gallager requestJohn Faulkner, Wed Aug 29 21:14
              Paul I have searched my Jolly Roger book and I have been unable to find your fathers name. He must have been there after the Jolly Roger book was printed. I have recently received "The Legacy of the... more
              • infoPaul Gallagher, Thu Aug 30 10:20
                Sir Thanks for your help on this matter. I would be glad to email you my dad's service record, if you think that it would help. Thanks again for looking in to this for me. Paul Gallagher
          • H E Ross/ BookMargery Worrick, Sat Aug 25 18:18
            Hi, I just talked to my Dad!!!!!!!!! He said his 1st Pilot was Robert Ryan. Thanks for you help!!!!!! Margery
          • Book 319thMargery Worrick, Fri Aug 24 10:22
            Hi, I'll save a copy of your reply to give to my Dad. I can't get him intrested in a computer. Maybe he will after he see all the feedback I'm getting he might thinks about it. He lives in Florida so ... more
            • RossKenneth Sheats, Sat Aug 25 07:47
              There is a site http://www.jollyrogersweb.com/ that may have information that would help him. Also you might contact the 90th Bomb Group Association 8320 san Leandro Drive Dallas Tx. 75218 Kenneth
              • info searchpaul gallagher, Mon Aug 27 18:39
                Mr Faulkner, can you offer some ideas on the search for info on my dad, who served in the 320th? I ve not had any luck in finding out about his service. Thanks for your time and any ideas you may... more
              • H E Ross/ BookletMargery Worrick, Sat Aug 25 18:19
                Hi Kenneth, Thanks I'll check with them. Margery
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