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Subject: Harold Ross
Date: Sat Jun 14, 2008 22:35

Harold E Ross, S/Sgt serial number 33568927 319th
His crew was credited with downing 4 Japanese planes according to general order 166 dated Oct 19, 1945
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  • AsperperiousMargery Worrick, Fri Jun 13 16:57
    Hi, Yes, that's by Dad. He seems to remember a William Gray in his group. Would that be you?? Watch you email for my address... Thanks so much!! Margery
    • Harold Ross — Bob Tupa, Sat Jun 14 22:35
      • Re: Harold RossMargery Worrick, Mon Jun 16 07:19
        Hi, Thanks for the information. Margery
    • Asterperious bookBill Gray, Sat Jun 14 08:07
      It's Sat, 9 AM. Don't see your message with the address. Careful to use an underscore in my address (wcgray_va@yahoo.com). I am Bill Gray Jr. Just a lad of 21 (plus 40 years of experience). My Dad... more
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