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Message No. 822
Author: John Faulkner
Subject: Worrick book search
Date: Fri Aug 24, 2007 08:11


Margery what was the name of your fathers crews 1st Pilot?

I might find it on the Jolly Roger web site. I was in the 320th sqdn.during the time that your dad was in the 319th.
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  • Book 319thMargery Worrick, Thu Aug 23 19:36
    Hi, I looked on Ebay I'm not sure of the Name of the book. Oh! Thank you for your help!!!!!!!!! I'll go back and try to find it!!!! Were you with this group? Always, Margery
    • Worrick book search — John Faulkner, Fri Aug 24 08:11
      • Re: Worrick book searchPaul Gallagher, Mon Aug 27 18:41
        Mr Faulkner can you offer any ideas on my info search on my dad. John Gallagher who served in the 320th late in the war? I ve not had any luck in finding out anything about his service in this unit.... more
        • info on John Gallager requestJohn Faulkner, Wed Aug 29 21:14
          Paul I have searched my Jolly Roger book and I have been unable to find your fathers name. He must have been there after the Jolly Roger book was printed. I have recently received "The Legacy of the... more
          • infoPaul Gallagher, Thu Aug 30 10:20
            Sir Thanks for your help on this matter. I would be glad to email you my dad's service record, if you think that it would help. Thanks again for looking in to this for me. Paul Gallagher
      • H E Ross/ BookMargery Worrick, Sat Aug 25 18:18
        Hi, I just talked to my Dad!!!!!!!!! He said his 1st Pilot was Robert Ryan. Thanks for you help!!!!!! Margery
      • Book 319thMargery Worrick, Fri Aug 24 10:22
        Hi, I'll save a copy of your reply to give to my Dad. I can't get him intrested in a computer. Maybe he will after he see all the feedback I'm getting he might thinks about it. He lives in Florida so ... more
        • RossKenneth Sheats, Sat Aug 25 07:47
          There is a site http://www.jollyrogersweb.com/ that may have information that would help him. Also you might contact the 90th Bomb Group Association 8320 san Leandro Drive Dallas Tx. 75218 Kenneth
          • info searchpaul gallagher, Mon Aug 27 18:39
            Mr Faulkner, can you offer some ideas on the search for info on my dad, who served in the 320th? I ve not had any luck in finding out about his service. Thanks for your time and any ideas you may... more
          • H E Ross/ BookletMargery Worrick, Sat Aug 25 18:19
            Hi Kenneth, Thanks I'll check with them. Margery
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