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Subject: "Asterperious" book
Date: Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:57

Margeery; I have searched maybe 20 online collectible/military book sites and cannot find this one for a hint on price. I will say $100. Let me describe it in more detail so you can be sure it is the one you want. It is 7 1/4 X 10 inches, 65 pages long. Front cover (hard) has the title Asterperious and a 6" cartoon figure of a Micronesian native in a grass skirt, leaning on a bomb like it is a walking cane. It was printed by "Angus and Robertson LTD, Sydney" in 1944. There is a 5 page review of early missions around Borneo, photos of many crews in front of planes, nose art, arial photos of missions, support unit photos, barracks, facilities, compositions (A Day At War), (bad) poetry, and amateur cartoons
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  • Asterperious Special BookMargeery Worrick, Wed Jun 11 17:53
    Hi Bill, I would like to know what you are asking for the books. Thanks Margery
    • "Asterperious" book — Bill Gray, Thu Jun 12 12:57
      • AsterperiousMargery Worrick, Thu Jun 12 18:30
        Hi there, It sure sounds like the book. Could you give me you email address and in the meantime I'll talk to my Dad? Thanks so much Margery
        • Who's WhoBill Gray, Fri Jun 13 10:29
          By the way, I looked through the pamphlet and found a "Ross, Harold E., S/Sgt, State College" listed in Pennsylvania under Asterperious Is that your father? This is the reported address of record at... more
          • AsperperiousMargery Worrick, Fri Jun 13 16:57
            Hi, Yes, that's by Dad. He seems to remember a William Gray in his group. Would that be you?? Watch you email for my address... Thanks so much!! Margery
            • Harold RossBob Tupa, Sat Jun 14 22:35
              Harold E Ross, S/Sgt serial number 33568927 319th His crew was credited with downing 4 Japanese planes according to general order 166 dated Oct 19, 1945
              • Re: Harold RossMargery Worrick, Mon Jun 16 07:19
                Hi, Thanks for the information. Margery
            • Asterperious bookBill Gray, Sat Jun 14 08:07
              It's Sat, 9 AM. Don't see your message with the address. Careful to use an underscore in my address (wcgray_va@yahoo.com). I am Bill Gray Jr. Just a lad of 21 (plus 40 years of experience). My Dad... more
        • Asterperious bookBill Gray, Fri Jun 13 10:14
          I am at wcgray_va@yahoo.com I will photograph some key pages and send them by snail mail to help you decide. I do not want to open the book up wide to photo copy because that could damage it. By the... more
          • asterperious book Keith M. Nichols, Mon Dec 13 06:10
            Hello my name is Keith M. Nichols, my grandfather Keith F. Nichols was a gunner on the asterperious special and I would like copies of any and all information anybody may have on the crew his friends ... more
          • 90th bomb group 319th 1943-44Adam Royer, Sun Aug 10 22:55
            My grandfather was Gerald E Roehning who was a bomber for John Farrell in the 319th. I was hoping you had information about him his missions what B-24's he flew etc. A copy of the pamphlet would be... more
            • AsterperiousDonna Lee Gulley, Fri Jan 3 23:13
              Donald R. Nay was a navigator (Ready Willing and Able) - between bombing missions, he edited and made layouts for this book. I have donated his copy and other memorabilia to the Pritzker Military... more
            • asterperiousBill Gray, Thu Aug 14 22:57
              I am in the early process of making a digital copy of the Asterperious book. The second copy I had I gave to what turned out to be a crewmate of my dad. But, I will be taking photos of each page and... more
              • Asterperiousbill mccord, Thu Jan 19 22:20
                Bill Gray, I'm interested in finding the digitized Asterperious unit history published in 1944. My uncle was KIA in 1943 as the pilot of B-24 Sad Sack. Sole fatality on flight. He is in the book... more
                • 1943cindy shivers, Thu Jan 19 23:36
                  Hope you find what you are looking for....
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