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Message No. 1094
Author: Donna Lee Gulley
Subject: Asterperious
Date: Fri Jan 3, 2014 23:13

Donald R. Nay was a navigator (Ready Willing and Able) - between bombing missions, he edited and made layouts for this book. I have donated his copy and other memorabilia to the Pritzker Military Library in Chicago. Would enjoy hearing from any who might have known him.
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  • 90th bomb group 319th 1943-44Adam Royer, Sun Aug 10 22:55
    My grandfather was Gerald E Roehning who was a bomber for John Farrell in the 319th. I was hoping you had information about him his missions what B-24's he flew etc. A copy of the pamphlet would be... more
    • Asterperious — Donna Lee Gulley, Fri Jan 3 23:13
    • asterperiousBill Gray, Thu Aug 14 22:57
      I am in the early process of making a digital copy of the Asterperious book. The second copy I had I gave to what turned out to be a crewmate of my dad. But, I will be taking photos of each page and... more
      • Asterperiousbill mccord, Thu Jan 19 22:20
        Bill Gray, I'm interested in finding the digitized Asterperious unit history published in 1944. My uncle was KIA in 1943 as the pilot of B-24 Sad Sack. Sole fatality on flight. He is in the book... more
        • 1943cindy shivers, Thu Jan 19 23:36
          Hope you find what you are looking for....
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