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Subject: Asterperious year book 319th
Date: Mon Mar 25, 2013 04:38

Dear Gail, Steve
Of course, price would be without transport in these conditions, no worry!
I've contacted my dear friend Sharon (pilot's'widow), she may answer my mail when she'll wake-up! Best would be effectively to finalise the transaction through her, she lives in Central Point, OR. Moreover, if she is able to find her husband in the year book, this would bring her a superb moment of joy! So let us exchange in a couple of hours, my best regards from quite far away!
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  • 319th yearbookgail, Mon Mar 25 02:10
    Hello......... It is midnight here. Steve and I are fairly new to internet sales, but we do have a website on Etsy. Tomorrow I will figure out how to make this available to you with a reserved... more
    • year book Asterperious 319thphilippe, Mon Mar 25 13:42
      Hello Gail,Steve I discussed with my friend Sharon, she would be more than happy to get the book for me! She would pay it for me as well! Much better solution, isn't it?!! She invited me to forward... more
      • AsterperiousGail Krenecki, Mon Mar 25 20:02
        Hello....... Ever since you contacted me, I have been thinking about how wonderful it is that we stumbled upon a book with so much meaning to you. That is exactly why I tried to search out what this... more
        • Asterperiousphilippe, Tue Mar 26 16:27
          Dear Gail Thank you so much for your nice words and the gift you both decided to offer to me; I'm really touched by your kind attention and the words you used to express it; it is amazing how, since... more
          • so many smilesGail Krenecki, Tue Mar 26 20:38
            Hello Phillippe and Lovely Wife....... What an amazing turn of events over such a stretched period of time.... Someday I will learn the story of how Sharon's husband's jacket stayed in Belgium. It... more
    • Asterperious year book 319th — philippe, Mon Mar 25 04:38
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