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Message No. 614
Author: George Taylor
Subject: Norden Bomb Sight
Date: Mon Feb 27, 2006 07:33

It seems all the secrecy concerning the Norden bomb sight might anti-climactic. I saw something a while back on the History Channel, or some such location, that German spies had the specs for the sight about as soon as it went into production, or possibly even before.
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  • norden bomb sightsTim Alexander, Mon Feb 21 21:51
    im trying to find out if the 90th used the norden bomb sight....how they kept track of which bombsight went to which plane....and if they kept records of the bomb sight serial numbers. i know this is ... more
    • Norden Bomb Sight — George Taylor, Mon Feb 27 07:33
    • Norden Bomb SightJohn Faulkner, Sun Feb 26 10:18
      Jim all of the B-24's in the 320th sqdn had Norden bomb sights mounted in them.The sight stayed in the same plane unless it needed repair or replacing.
    • nordentim alexander, Wed Feb 23 00:19
      i am trying to figure out how they kept track of the bombsights that were installed in the bombers....if they kept records of the serial number on a bombsight and what plane it was installed in
      • Norden Bomb SightJim Horner, Wed Feb 23 09:26
        Tim: I don't want to give you incorrect info, but as a Pilot in the 320th Sq. I don't recall any plane without a bomb sight and they stayed in the plane. Maybe some bombadier could clear this up.
        • bombsightsTim Alexander, Thu Feb 24 10:02
          i dont consider that wrong info sir because if you were there i kinda take that as gospel lol.....you were a pilot actually flying the missions so i think you would know better than anyone ....short... more
          • Norden sightDave Hellie, Fri Feb 25 08:26
            Tim, I agree with you entirely that the best word is from those who were there like Jim. My theory to your question of tracking serial numbers of each device or installing them before each mission... more
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