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Message No. 483
Author: Tim Alexander
Subject: bombsights
Date: Thu Feb 24, 2005 10:02

i dont consider that wrong info sir because if you were there i kinda take that as gospel lol.....you were a pilot actually flying the missions so i think you would know better than anyone ....short of the bombadiers......so for all the bombadiers out there could some of you please clarify........i have spoken to several who flew in europe and i guess they just did things a lot differently over there
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  • Norden Bomb SightJim Horner, Wed Feb 23 09:26
    Tim: I don't want to give you incorrect info, but as a Pilot in the 320th Sq. I don't recall any plane without a bomb sight and they stayed in the plane. Maybe some bombadier could clear this up.
    • bombsights — Tim Alexander, Thu Feb 24 10:02
      • Norden sightDave Hellie, Fri Feb 25 08:26
        Tim, I agree with you entirely that the best word is from those who were there like Jim. My theory to your question of tracking serial numbers of each device or installing them before each mission... more
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