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Message No. 484
Author: Dave Hellie
Subject: Norden sight
Date: Fri Feb 25, 2005 08:26

Tim, I agree with you entirely that the best word is from those who were there like Jim. My theory to your question of tracking serial numbers of each device or installing them before each mission could be answered by looking back at the start of the war. In early wartime use for targets over Europe the introduction and use of the norden sights was a high security and top secret technology. In parallel to radar technology this was one device that the allies would go to great lengths to protect or even deny they had the ability to the press. So in theory, early in the war such a device be protected and accounted for in great detail to avoid security risk. In later years of the war and partly due to its success it was implemented as common equipment in wide spread use. May want to check into it more but its my guess that earliest use of the weapon was highly monitored if this is true. Good luck.

best regards,

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  • bombsightsTim Alexander, Thu Feb 24 10:02
    i dont consider that wrong info sir because if you were there i kinda take that as gospel lol.....you were a pilot actually flying the missions so i think you would know better than anyone ....short... more
    • Norden sight — Dave Hellie, Fri Feb 25 08:26
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