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Message No. 258
Author: Tony
Subject: combat records, Double Trouble
Date: Tue Jan 20, 2004 13:27

Hello Joyce:
I am glad that your father Joseph finally received his richly deserved medal - sometimes they given out far too late.

If I may impose upon your's and Joseph's good will, I want ask several more questions about the mission of the Double Trouble. The bomber was well armed with 10 x M2 0.50" mgs arranged to cover most of it, but for directly below, this was latter remedied by adding a retractable ball turret with two guns. On the mission of April 24th would Joseph remember the altitude when the fighters attacked - they evidently did not strike from directly below the belly.

Were the bombs salvoed when the fighters attacked, rather than being dropped on a target? Could he tell us what bombs were carried?

Do you recall if the wartime poster was in color? The copy I have is not. It would be great to get a color version on this web site for all to see.

The Eager Beaver like the Double Trouble (#42-40358; there were a great many airplanes with the same name) survived the war. I found a color drawing The Eager Beaver in the book by Robert F. Dorr, "B-24 Liberator Units of the Pacific War", page 50, and some details of its disposition on page 90. The 90th BG 320 sqd. also had an airplane named Little Beaver.

The best,


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  • about combat recordsjoyce falba, Sun Jan 18 03:08
    Hi Tony: It took 57 years for my father to receive another Silver Star thats how carefully records were kept, misplaced and lost. The last silver star was for assisting in the repair of the EAGLE... more
    • combat records, Double Trouble — Tony, Tue Jan 20 13:27
      • more info DOUBLE TROUBLE ....part 2.joyce falba, Tue Jan 20 14:43
        Hi Tony, No problem with the questions. I just wish my dad would use a computer because he would enjoy this site. My nephew did show him his picture and the EAGER BEAVER photos on this site. BTW, if... more
        • Bombs Kept Aboard?, etc.Tony, Wed Jan 21 09:40
          Good morning Joyce and Joseph: I want to double check that the 8,000 lb. of bombs were kept aboard the Double Trouble: this would be a heavy burden to a damaged aircraft flying on three engines. Was... more
          • DOUBLE TROUBLE..part 3joyce falba, Wed Jan 21 10:36
            Hi Tony, Joe said that after the one engine totally failed on the way back the bombs were salvoed but never during the attack. I mentioned about Whitlock writing his memoirs with his dgt's help...he... more
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