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Subject: DOUBLE TROUBLE..part 3
Date: Wed Jan 21, 2004 10:36

Hi Tony,
Joe said that after the one engine totally failed on the way back the bombs were salvoed but never during the attack. I mentioned about Whitlock writing his memoirs with his dgt's help...he mentioned that yes, he had heard about that too. Joe isnt interested in writing down his history with the war. He didnt say why but I dont think he wants to re-live some of the bad memories. I had stated somewhere on this site before that Joe said all of his good friends were killed in the war.
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  • Bombs Kept Aboard?, etc.Tony, Wed Jan 21 09:40
    Good morning Joyce and Joseph: I want to double check that the 8,000 lb. of bombs were kept aboard the Double Trouble: this would be a heavy burden to a damaged aircraft flying on three engines. Was... more
    • DOUBLE TROUBLE..part 3 — joyce falba, Wed Jan 21 10:36
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