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Message No. 260
Subject: Bombs Kept Aboard?, etc.
Date: Wed Jan 21, 2004 09:40

Good morning Joyce and Joseph:

I want to double check that the 8,000 lb. of bombs were kept aboard the Double Trouble: this would be a heavy burden to a damaged aircraft flying on three engines. Was there a problem with the bomb bay doors, bomb racks, etc. Were the bombs dropped at some point prior to landing back at the base?

The picture of Joseph and Col. Whitlock shows a very youthful and jaunty crew. Joseph appears to be quite tall.

I am going to search for copy of the Saturday Evening Post to locate the poster, and hope get it on this web site.

Has Joseph considered putting down his wartime experiences for others to know of his life and times? I would think many would like his views on the B-24, the Pacific War, island bases, the AAF, etc.

I am aspiring aviation writer with several published aviation articles on the Seattle HistoryLink web site, and would be very pleased to offer to edit Joseph's memoirs.

Incidently, Col. Whitlock wrote me that he is preparing his memoirs with his daughter's help.

Have a nice day.


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  • more info DOUBLE TROUBLE ....part 2.joyce falba, Tue Jan 20 14:43
    Hi Tony, No problem with the questions. I just wish my dad would use a computer because he would enjoy this site. My nephew did show him his picture and the EAGER BEAVER photos on this site. BTW, if... more
    • Bombs Kept Aboard?, etc. — Tony, Wed Jan 21 09:40
      • DOUBLE TROUBLE..part 3joyce falba, Wed Jan 21 10:36
        Hi Tony, Joe said that after the one engine totally failed on the way back the bombs were salvoed but never during the attack. I mentioned about Whitlock writing his memoirs with his dgt's help...he... more
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