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Message No. 813
Subject: M/Sgt Alfred Sexton
Date: Thu Aug 16, 2007 23:30

Still hoping for additional info on M/Sgt Alfred Sexton. 320th Bomb Squadron, Plane "The Butcher Boy." Pilot believed to be McAndrews or simular. Aug 43 to Aug 44.
If anyone can verify crew/pilot and crew/plane photo or anything at all. Still researching for Alfred's grandson now my son in law.
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  • M/Sgt Alfred E SextonJohn H Faulkner, Wed Feb 21 19:17
    Dan, I found a M/Sgt Alfrd E Sexton in the Jolly Roger Whos who book. He was in the 320th Sqdn. I did not know him but I was in the 320th Sqdn. from August 1943 until August 1944. If you know who was ... more
    • M/Sgt Alfred Sexton — Dan Henry, Thu Aug 16 23:30
    • Re: M/Sgt Alfred E SextonAnonymous, Wed Feb 21 21:33
      John, Thank you for responding. I was given a few more clues from Alfred's daughter from a couple of notes & newspaper clippings she found. His pilot was Capt. McAndrews. (spelling not certain) Their ... more
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