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Author: Anonymous
Subject: Re: M/Sgt Alfred E Sexton
Date: Wed Feb 21, 2007 21:33

John, Thank you for responding. I was given a few more clues from Alfred's daughter from a couple of notes & newspaper clippings she found. His pilot was Capt. McAndrews. (spelling not certain) Their plane was nicknamed Butcher Boy. She recalls her dad telling her that they had the nose art drawn on the plane but never got it actually painted due to some damaged they had to that area & the plane being patched up so it was never painted or completed. Alfred died in 1984 so she is a little cloudy on some of her memories of what little her dad told her. My son in law Rick is Alfred's grandson. I promised him a ride on the Collings Foundation's B-24 this April when its makes the rounds on this years tour in Southern Calif. I flew on it 2 years ago in memory of my uncle who was KIA with the 389th BG/566th BS 8th AAF on July 7 1944. Shot down & executed by Gestapo near Bad Harzberg, Germany. To add to that my father in law was a navigator on a B-24 also but crashed on their first mission on the runway on Biak Island, New Guinea. After 2-1/2 months in the hospital for burns he did not get back in theater as the war ended. So B-24's are in the family all around! I'd love to get Rick as complete a picture of his grandpa's service in WWII as possible. Alfred in fact retired from the USAF as a CWO-3. after also serving in Korea & Vietnam. Thanks again for your help as it all adds up. Dan Henry
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  • M/Sgt Alfred E SextonJohn H Faulkner, Wed Feb 21 19:17
    Dan, I found a M/Sgt Alfrd E Sexton in the Jolly Roger Whos who book. He was in the 320th Sqdn. I did not know him but I was in the 320th Sqdn. from August 1943 until August 1944. If you know who was ... more
    • M/Sgt Alfred SextonDan Henry, Thu Aug 16 23:30
      Still hoping for additional info on M/Sgt Alfred Sexton. 320th Bomb Squadron, Plane "The Butcher Boy." Pilot believed to be McAndrews or simular. Aug 43 to Aug 44. If anyone can verify crew/pilot and ... more
    • Re: M/Sgt Alfred E Sexton — Anonymous, Wed Feb 21 21:33
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