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Message No. 686
Author: Deanna Barker
Subject: Gottke crew Woleai
Date: Wed Jul 12, 2006 10:41

(I tried email this to rstava earlier, but I was blocked and couldn't fill out the application to get through. Hopefully this will find you or someone who can help me.)

Good morning,

While researching information on the 90th BG, I came across your post on the B-24 website requesting more information about Feb 25, 1944 in Woleai. Currently, I’m writing the script for the 90th BG reunion, their “passing of the torch” ceremony, (scheduled on Sept 1st). It’s an important, symbolic, yet never-before-done ceremony with a lot of the Bombers in attendance, and I want to do it justice. It’s an honor to be hosting this group, as they are our military forefathers. (I’m in the 320th, now a missile squadron.)

I want to start the script/ceremony with a single story to serve as an example of all the bravery shown during their missions, and your great uncle’s story sounds perfect. I have the Legacy of the 90th Bombardment Group, by Wiley Woods, and he covers the Gottke crew’s mission, however, I would like a somewhat personal account of the crew and their story. Could I interview you or someone who has a strong account of your great uncle and Gottke’s crew? Do you have any pictures I may use in our slides? You can contact me via email or the phone numbers below. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,
Lt Deanna Barker
F.E. Warren AFB
Cheyenne, WY
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