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Message No. 685
Author: Robert Stava
Subject: Major Gottke Mission to Woleai Island 1944
Date: Sat Jul 8, 2006 10:57

I'm looking for any further information on a recon mission flown to Woleai Island on February 25th, 1944. A lone B24 flown by Major Paul Gottke flew deep into nemy territory, on which my great uncle John Stava was the photographer. Other crew include:
Lt Carl Vineyard, Co-pilot
Lt. Richard Davis, Bombadier
Lt. Harrington Harlow, NAvigator
Sgt. Van Holloway - gunner
Sgt' Leo Bousquet - gunner
Sgt. Carl Camp - gunner
Sgt Albert Hampton - gunner
Sgt. Stanley Horton - Radio
Sgt. Elmer Wimer - gunner

Any info appreciated, thanks
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    • Gottke crew WoleaiDeanna Barker, Wed Jul 12 10:41
      (I tried email this to rstava earlier, but I was blocked and couldn't fill out the application to get through. Hopefully this will find you or someone who can help me.) Good morning, While... more
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