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Message No. 666
Author: earl hainline
Subject: patches
Date: Fri Jun 9, 2006 08:01

in most of the pictures i've seen ....the only shoulder patch would have been the 5th air force patch.now on the A-2 flight jacket on the chest they wore the jolly rogers patch(skull and bombs with colored background[black=400th])some also hade the black pirate on the opposite side of chest.the only shoulder patch would be the 5th af patch on either article
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  • T/Sgt Thoburn D. GleasonRobert Hudson, Fri Dec 31 17:42
    Thoburn flew as a gunner with the 5th Air Force, 400th Bomb Squardron, 90th Bombardment Group. We think he crewed with the Double Shot which was commanded by Lt. Ed Burnham and the 50 Cal Gal. He was ... more
    • patches — earl hainline, Fri Jun 9 08:01
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