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Subject: 90th HBG Selvin Fox (tail gunner)
Date: Sun Oct 9, 2005 17:23

My Father was a member of the group and is still very much alive and kicking and in GREAT health I might add for an 80 y/o boy. He was a tail gunner and would love to share stories. Send me your info and I can get him in touch with you.

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  • Would Like Info on the 320thMike Morgan, Thu Jan 29 22:50
    Hello, My name is Lt Col Mike Morgan and I am the current Commander of the 320th Missile Squadron. We are the "descendants" of the 320th Bomb Squadron. We are an active duty Air Force ICBM squadron... more
    • 90th HBG Selvin Fox (tail gunner) — Bill Fox, Sun Oct 9 17:23
    • 320th Bomb GroupRobert Ryczak, Wed Sep 15 10:28
      My Dad, Stanley J. Ryczak, was a navigator with the 320th Bomb Group. His principal plane was "Old Ironsides", tail number 053. He passed away suddenly in 1999. I have some photos, memorabilia. I... more
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