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Message No. 501
Author: A.Beyer
Subject: Air Medal?
Date: Fri Apr 1, 2005 21:28

My Grandfather (Bill Loomis) got a air medal and im wondering what its for,he said it had 3 bronze oak clusters,orange stripes and the rest was blue. if you could tell me why he got it i would like that.


He went to Bombadier school at Victorville Cal. class 44-9,
if you went to that school or that class e-mail me about it and tell me more. Beyer_Thomas@sbcglobal.net
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    • Air MedalJim Horner, Fri Apr 15 14:35
      A. Beyer: From his class number, your grdfather was probably in the grp.in early 1945. At that time the Air Medal was issued for 100 hors of combat flying. A medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters... more
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