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Subject: new guinea
Date: Mon Feb 21, 2005 21:54

im wondering if anyone can tell me if there were any more bombers from the 90th that were lost at new guinea besides yankee doodle dandy.....this is kind of an urgent request and any help is much appreciated
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    • B-24's lost in New GuineaJim Horner, Tue Feb 22 10:37
      I may misunderstand the question. Most of the losses of the 90th were in around and while the group was in New Guinea.Even when at Iron Range the missions were frequently to New Guinea. New Guinea is ... more
      • new guineatim alexander, Wed Feb 23 00:25
        i wasnt aware of just how many bombers were lost in and around new guinea so thank you for the answer on that......but as far as the norden sight goes at least in the european theater they kept the... more
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