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Subject: Did you recieve the picture?
Date: Tue Feb 3, 2004 14:36

Dan,I emailed you the picture you reouested. Did you recieve it? If not do you wish me to snailmail it to you?
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  • 319th and Hoffman's crewDan Lesovsky, Fri Nov 7 06:42
    My uncle was Bob Daniells and flew on Lt. Hoffman's crew. They bailed out on a mission on 3 March 1945 on A/C #344. Just wanted to know if there were any pictures of this A/C and if it had any nose... more
    • Did you recieve the picture? — Robert B Hanley, Tue Feb 3 14:36
      • Re: Did you recieve the picture?Anonymous, Tue Feb 3 20:02
        Yes, I sure did get it. I can't thank you enough. Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I know have it as my desktop picture. Thanks again so much. Dan
    • picture of 344Robert B. Hanley, Mon Dec 15 12:02
      DAN: I was Bob's fellow crew member, the tail gunner of Hoffman's crew. I obtained the photo from Jason Dilworth. Jason is the grandson of a 90th member and a vary resourceful young man and we voted... more
    • 319th and Hoffman's crewPete, Tue Dec 9 15:52
      I have in my records: 44-41344 B-24J-205-CO MACR 14146 - (90th BG) lost Mar 3, 1945, SW Pacific. 3-May-45 Don't know if there are any pics around. You can obtain a copy of the MACR from... more
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