Wewak Strike

Narrative of Wewak Mission .pdf

Mills B24 Bomber Crew

Ten Knights Crew

Harold Mills Crew

Wewak Mission Map

Earl E. Starkey 1942

SSgt. Thomas M. "Buddy" Andrews

Ten Knights Painting

B24 Drawing

An interesting Postscript to the story:

1st Lieutenant Harold C. Mills was given his final pilot check-out in B-24's at Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho, in early September 1943, by Captain James M. Stewart (famous actor Jimmy Stewart),a B-24 flight instructor, promoted to be the commander of the training command location at Gowen Field on August 9, 1943. Stewart had been a bomber instructor trying to be assigned as a combat bomber pilot for two years. Finally, his combat request was granted and he was sent to England in late September 1943, where he flew combat missions. Stewart remained a reserve pilot in the United States Air Force, and was a Brigadier General when he retired in 1968.

Photos and narrative provided by Randy Starkey, son of 1st Lt. Earl E. Starkey, the co-pilot of the crew.