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Nothing characterized the individualism of each crew's Liberator better than the nose art adorning each plane. The following pages are a collection of Jolly Rogers nose art taken from the planes themselves and in some cases, artists reproductions of the originals.

We would like to thank Larry Oliveria, Mike Roselle, Bob Tupa, Michael Claringbould, Bob Livingstone, Daniel Stockton, David Skinner, Jason and Bonnie Dilworth and countless unnamed others for the images and historical information they have provided.

Notice: We are always looking to expand this collection. If you have any 90th BG nose art and would be willing to allow us to post it, please contact us via the message board.
List of needed nose art photos

Disclaimer: Due to the widespread practice of transferring assets between bomb groups and bomb squadrons during the war, it is recognized that although the following planes are identified as belonging to the 90th Bomb Group, many could have also served with other outfits in the SWPAO.