Queen Mae Crew

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Queen Mae Crew

Post by rogbmw » 07 Jul 2020 1116

My father, Lealon Wray, was the top gunner/engineer on the Queen Mae. He told me some amazing stories. I have quite a bit of information on him and the crew, which I will add over time, but it would be great to hear from other's who had family on the Queen Mae. He told me that on one of the raids they were the first plane back from the first mission of its type, and they were given beer and filmed by Stars and Stripes. I would love to find the old newsreels of them, and have been looking for quite some time. I have dad's Jolly Roger squadron books, some mission information, as well a post card he sent mom with the Queen Mae picture.

I recently have gotten into RC Aircraft, and have purchased a B24, which I will be building to the specs of the Queen Mae. The wingspan is over 5 feet!

Hopefully someone has information on the crew of the Queen Mae.

Here are some pictures of the Queen Mae

Bob Tupa
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Re: Queen Mae Crew

Post by Bob Tupa » 08 Jul 2020 1426

Hopefully the color picture is attached.
Queen Mae 2.JPG

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