Unidentified Crew Photo #7

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Unidentified Crew Photo #7

Post by YankeeDoodleDandy » 01 Dec 2019 1734

The unidentified crew photo #7 shows my Grandfather, Captain Lowell Johnson who was the pilot (center top). His wife was Eleanor (Ellie under window). I believe he ferried the airplane from Amberley Field to Iron Range, Australia or Port Moresby, New Guinea. He flew all of his required missions in this airplane before heading back to the states to be a test pilot at the ford plant at Willow Run.


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Re: Unidentified Crew Photo #7

Post by Ben Johnson » 02 Dec 2019 1737

Yankee, Thank you for your information identifying your grandfather and this crew. We will update the main site with this information. If you have names to identify any of the other crew members in that shot or have any other photos you would like to add to the site, please feel free to post here. We appreciate your contributions to the group.

Cheers, Ben - Site Beta Tester

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