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"The All-American Crew"

Posted: 24 Mar 2022 0947
by JollyRoger
From Bob Tupa - New WW2 Book - to share with the 90th Bomb Group Members


The April 5th release for "The All-American Crew" is finally nearing.

I have been creating these educational videos about the AAC and the Pacific War. Some are posted on Facebook or Instagram. They vary in length from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. The longer videos are interviews with 97-year-old Andy Winnegar who was in the war in a TBM Avenger and is a character in the book.

Would you consider posting them on the 90th Bomb Group Site and / or including links in your next newsletter? Thanks for all of your support and dedication to these men and their stories.

I will also will have online presentations for the AAC to which I want to invite your members.


Russell N. Low

Facebook Video Links Below:

Introducing the "All-American Crew" 1 min ... 823639529/

Introducing "The All-American Crew" 4 min ... n.m4v?dl=0

Meet 97-year-old Andy Winnegar of "The All-American Crew" ... 354608108/

December 7, 1941 Recollections ... 127392566/

Bittersweet Departure - On to Boot Camp 1942 ... 127392566/

Learning to Fly in A Stearman PT-17 ... 997060885/

Loren from the Hop Fields to the Pacific Battlefields - The All-American Crew ... 219636815/

Stan the Nose Gunner of the "All-American Crew" ... 129961393/

Jerome the Bombardier of "The All-American Crew" ... e.mp4?dl=0

Re: "The All-American Crew"

Posted: 25 Apr 2022 0930
by JollyRoger
"The All-American Crew" took to the skies and was just released. I have started three scholarships for nursing students with book sales going to that great cause.

Thanks for your help.

Russell N. Low ... 210435206/