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New Member Introductions

Posted: 02 Nov 2019 1508
by JollyRoger
Tell us about yourself and your connection or interests to the 90th Bomb Group historical community.

Welcome to the new message board!
Since Launching November 1st, 2019, I am one of the new site administrators helping continue the vision and tradition of its original creator/founder, Gary Gray. My personal relationship to the 90th goes years back upon researching my father in law, Dale Holland's Crew (319th). That work led me to the original site, meeting up with all the great people like Gary, Bob Tupa and so many others who helped me put the historical pieces together of Dale's wartime accounts.

We are responsible for preserving the historical information contained in the original website and will now take on efforts going forward to remake a modern enhanced user experience for our group of long time members and new followers. Our efforts are solely to preserve historic accounts and information for the benefit of the Vets who served and their families or other WW2 historians.

For everyone who has followed this site from it's early days, to anyone new who is interested in contributing, thank you for all your support and patience while we work behind the scenes. We're dedicated to continue the long running tradition serving the community and are very proud to be a small part of all it stands for.

If anyone has questions or is having difficulty registering for this message board, please reach out to any of us, we'll be happy to help you.


Re: New Member Introductions

Posted: 02 Nov 2019 1601
by Ben Johnson
Greetings! I've volunteered for the role of beta tester and will begin assisting with moderating new posts and helping subscribers of the old (now archived) original message board find us here.

Re: New Member Introductions

Posted: 22 Nov 2019 1513
by Ben Johnson
Welcome to all newest 90th message board subscribers!

We've grown to 21 members in the short time since launch, feel free to actively post your topics in this forum.

Also you can share your story, history and connection to the 90th Bomb Group by hitting the reply button.

I'm one of the site admins, if you need help navigating the board or if there are any suggestions or questions you may have, let us know.