New Message Board Launched!

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New Message Board Launched!

Post by admin » 31 Oct 2019 1503

We are happy to announce the launch of our new and improved Message Board on October 31, 2019. The host of our original board has discontinued their service after 22 years. All messages posted from January 2001 through October 2019 have been archived at http://90thbombgroup/archive however no additional replies can be made there. You are welcome to reopen any archived topics on our new message board at http://90thbombgroup/messages . Subscribers to the 'old' message board should re-register here to continue to receive e-mail notifications in the future.

Thanks to Gary Gray for starting and maintaining this board for the first 18 years, and to all the participants who shared their valuable photos, documents, and memories.

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Re: New Message Board Launched!

Post by JollyRoger » 01 Nov 2019 1959

Welcome to the new message board for the 90th Bomb group. Please register to contribute!

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