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Picture of 400th Squadron Mechanic Alan Hamilton

Posted: 30 Jun 2020 1631
by ComBloc
Exactly what the subject title says. Standing on the right is Alan Hamilton, my great-grandfather, a mechanic for the 400th Bomb Squadron, the gentleman on the left is unknown to me, but please, do let me know if you have any clue. Exact location is also unknown, but is certainly an airfield. I am currently attempting to restore this photograph to the best of my ability, bring down the contrast so more detail in the back can be seen, and eventually colorize it, but location does play a huge role in the color. If you look at the feet of the man on the left, he appears to have prosthetic feet, judging by the size compared to Alan's boots and the blocky-shape, looking like it was carved from wood. Any information on anything is appreciated greatly! I believe I have more images scattered around the family that I will be tracking down and posting here if they're relevant to the 90th Bomb Group. Thanks in advance!
Airfield Photo with Unid. - Crop.jpg