Pappy's Passion Nose Art

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K Rueben
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Pappy's Passion Nose Art

Post by K Rueben » 17 Jul 2020 1244

Here are photographs my grandfather, Merle Winne took himself!

Cocktail Hour

Stormy Weather


Yankee Gal

Butcher's Daughter

Ho Hum

Bell Wringor


Little Chief

Booby Trap

Shady Lady

Rip Snorter

Buck Benny Rides Again

Baby Anne

Live Wire

Queen Mae
24- Plane Insignias4.jpg
24- Plane Insignias3.jpg
24- Plane Insignias2.jpg
24- Plane Insignias.jpg
23- Plane Insignias7.jpg
23- Plane Insignias6.jpg
23- Plane Insignias5.jpg
23- Plane Insignias4.jpg
23- Plane Insignias3.jpg
23- Plane Insignias2.jpg

Cherie Hoffman Clark
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Re: Pappy's Passion Nose Art

Post by Cherie Hoffman Clark » 17 Mar 2021 1919

Wow! A number of these were painted by my Dad Arthur D Hoffman. Booby Trap, Buck Benny and Little Chief. Little Chief was there supply plane, a grocery getter.

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Re: Pappy's Passion Nose Art

Post by Django » 25 Jan 2024 1809

Cherie, I am writing a nose art book, and I would love to discuss your Dad's art further. chad (at ) django studios dot com

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