Seeking information MIA 400th Sqdrn B24

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Seeking information MIA 400th Sqdrn B24

Post by birdman » 22 Nov 2019 1240

I am seeking any information out there on B24 41-24044 piloted by 1Lt Scott Regan, shot down and MIA on 22 January 1943 near Wewak. My uncle SSG Earl Byrd was a crewman on this plane. The Pacific Wrecks website has provided me with great, but limited information, and I have been in contact with the nephew of one other crewman Sgt Clifford Low (who was also seeking more information) Would be very interested in any photos, or plane information (nose art, etc), as well as any first-hand information.

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Re: Seeking information MIA 400th Sqdrn B24

Post by JollyRoger » 22 Nov 2019 1622

Birdman, welcome to the new board.

At this time we don't have information to help with your search. However we also don't show Lt Scott Regan's crew photo in the main sites "Flight Crew Photos" section:

If you or anyone happens to have a copy of the Scott Regan crew photo, please let us know. We would be honored to include this missing crew photo on the main site to help pay tribute to your uncle, SSG Earl Byrd.


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Re: Seeking information MIA 400th Sqdrn B24

Post by Mark Glanville » 01 Dec 2020 1529

My books only have what happen to them, victims of an effective fighter attack while searching for another crew shot down.
It was soon after the 90th BG was operational so the aircraft are olive drab. Aircraft 41-24044 did not have a name yet so that means no nose art but it would have looked very similar to 41-24043 " Sky Lady" or even 41-24047 "Moby Dick". Although Moby Dick was 320th and had the teeth, Monogram models has a kit of it.

"Tales of the Jolly Rogers" lists Earl Byrd - Official Date of Death 1/8/46 , air Medal with oak leaf cluster and Purple Heart
Clifford Low - ODOD 1/8/46 , Air Medal and Purple Heart

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