Unidentified B24 serial 42-41127

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Unidentified B24 serial 42-41127

Post by Ben Johnson » 07 Nov 2019 1430

Our fellow Member Bob Livingston in Australia sent these to us, asked we post these pictures, Can anyone help identify this elusive 90th B.G. B24?

"Hi Gary, This is a long shot, but I’m wondering if you have come across this aircraft, but more particularly know what the heck the name is.
[The “sharkmouth” addition to my captioning is because there are just so many sharkmouthed B-24s around that I note all of them like this so that when a photo which can’t be identified but carries a sharkmouth turns up I can easily pull all of them from my collection and compare and contrast in the hopes of making an identity.]

As you can see from the photographs, this is a B-24D with the Oklahoma City Air Depot (OCAD) modification, serial 42-41127. From the aircraft card, it would have arrived at the 90th in late September 1943 and survived to be salvaged in January 1945. I know nothing of its career with the 320BS.

You can see that for some time it had no name on either side, then picks up this rather elaborate lettering and then begins to be paint stripped, looking like a strange experimental camouflage.

You are welcome to add any or all of these images to your site and maybe you could add something about needing to know what the name is."



Cheers, Ben - Site Beta Tester

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