Grandfather B-24 Shot Down -Survived!

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Grandfather B-24 Shot Down -Survived!

Post by ChrisK » 10 Sep 2020 1456

Prior to my grandfathers passing back in 2001 he had mentioned that during the war he was shot down. He jokingly had said that if the Chinese had not found him before the Japanese, I wouldn’t be here! Besides from that I never learned much more about his involvement with the 90th before his passing. Despite my interest, I believe that he felt as though I was too young at the time. If anyone has more information on my grandfather I would truly appreciate it.
I would like to learn more about where he was stationed, why he was awarded the Air Medal and Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster as noted in the article and photographs I have attached. I have also included what appears to be his downed aircraft in one of the photos.
Any further information about my grandfather and his actions during the war would be tremendously appreciated. This period of history has always fascinated me and it’s unfortunate I was not old enough to have a more in-depth discussion with my grandfather before his passing. I’m new to this forum but I have more photographs and look forwards to sharing them.
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Chris K.

Mark Glanville
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Re: Grandfather B-24 Shot Down -Survived!

Post by Mark Glanville » 01 Dec 2020 1413

I found some items in the 90th B.G. books that might be useful to you,
The first is a photo of the Capt. E.L.Marshall crew (Capt Marshall was called "George" in the book). The photo is from the original yearbook and shows your grandfather. It's the photo you now have but lists the names.
I think your grandfather was on Lt. W.H. Finley's flight when he bailed out. One of my books lists the aircraft casualties and on that flight they bailed out over China on 5/19/1945, the aircraft was 44-40727 of the 319th SQ.
From the book "Legacy of the 90th Bombardment Group"
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Mark Glanville

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