Live Wire B24 44-41234

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Live Wire B24 44-41234

Post by Jmcelfresh » 15 Feb 2020 1921

My Grandfathers brother was the pilot of the Live Wire B24. Sam Bowers. He was lost at sea in 1945. I know that some of his crew survived. I have some of his personal items including his flight school books, but little other information. I’m glad to see some photos of the live wire nose art on your site. I’ve attached some photos I have of him. I would appreciate if anyone has any other information. Thank you for this site

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Re: Live Wire B24 44-41234

Post by Nigel » 22 Aug 2020 2210

I don't know if you have seen the MACR (Missing Air Crew Report):

Mark Glanville
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Re: Live Wire B24 44-41234

Post by Mark Glanville » 29 Nov 2020 1309

Here's my model of LIVE WIRE. It's a 1/12th scale flying Radio Control model with 70 flights so far. I thought the color of the pillow was brown but I saw a painting of LIVE WIRE recently and the Pillow was blue and her suit was red. Does anyone know which colors are correct?

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