Osterberg Crew Photo

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Osterberg Crew Photo

Post by smithtm » 25 May 2020 1749

My wife's great uncle, 2LT Edgar Walton Osterberg, was the pilot of a flight that crashed on take off on July 15, 1945. Also killed in the crash were 2LT James H Ferguson, TSGT Frank A Piraino, TSGT Robert E Schafer, TSGT Leonard N Huffstetler, SSGT Jack Schmidt, and SSGT Lawrence J Teall. THe two survivors were 2LT Leon A Klien and SSGT William E Sellick. There are a number of old posts in the archives about crew photos, but I don't see one posted. I have what appears to be a scan of a photocopy of one, but would like a higher quality copy. Tom Smith - smithtm@gmail.com

Mark Glanville
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Re: Osterberg Crew Photo

Post by Mark Glanville » 01 Dec 2020 1426

This is from the book "Legacy of the 90th Bombardment Group" I have to resize photos for this site so it's not the best quality.
Osterberg Crew.jpg

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