SN 44-40725 Ruby's Ricksha

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SN 44-40725 Ruby's Ricksha

Post by tandc49 » 11 Feb 2020 2058

A little introduction - My neighbor passes away a little while ago and I was his primary care giver for the last few years. His father was Lew Evans, Flight engineer on Ruby's Ricksha. Ruby was Lew's wife and the subject of the nose art. When my neighbor passed, he left me all of his dad's stuff from the Pacific including the original pastel pencil drawing of the nose are. I also have his medals (in shadow box with the nose art), some JIM, some photos and letters home.

I'm looking for any more info on the plane and its crew. If anyone has any info. please email or PM me. Thanks,

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Re: SN 44-40725 Ruby's Ricksha

Post by JollyRoger » 12 Feb 2020 2106

Mr Walker, welcome to the 90th board and thank you for your post. We hope you find more information on Mr. Evans and his crew and invite you to post any pictures and details you feel are important to bring to the group site.

We will be happy to add them to the main website and document what you have with your permission.

If you need help with that please reach out to our contact email or reply here.

Best regards,

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