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Information on training

Posted: 29 Apr 2020 1646
by Cherie Hoffman Clark
I’ve been researching my Dad Arthur D Hoffman, with his service records lost in the fire the task is a bit daunting. He entered the AAF Jan 9, 1943. He was photo recon/mapping, altho I expect he was trained for other duties. I am looking for info and where he may have done Basic and Photo training. He was at the Radio Technical School in Sioux Falls SD summer and fall of 1943, which month I don’t know, but he finished and was out. By end of Nov. I am assuming he went home on leave before going to the SWP. He got to New Guinea Nadzab early 1944 when exactly I do not know. He was with 400th. I am trying to write a book about his life, he was pretty amazing guy and the Jolly Rogers were just part of it.


Cherie Hoffman Clark

Re: Information on training

Posted: 18 May 2020 2056
by Bob Tupa
Your dad was a photographer who went with crews on missions to document the results. I am attaching one crew that he was with when the plane went down and they had to bail out.

COHEN, SAUL M. #2063568, 400th Sqdn, crew # 1, Murphy, John J. #T133801, (cp), Mahrt, John R. #2073168, (n), (kia), Gaydos, Joseph J. #787134, (b), Laughrun, Kenneth C, #34733598, (e), Gregory, Lester C. #38403592, (ro), Stilson, Robert F. #16118937, (ae), Sarno, Charles C. #32450671, (g), (kia), Searles, Frank A. #39215943, (g), Peters, Joseph B. #33843162, (g), Hoffman, Arthur D. #35579884, (photo). From my M A C R #14523, dated 5-27-1945, plane 44-40721, ditched 10 mi from Maguire on Indochina, recco, all listed as W I A & R T D.