Seeking information about my uncle a bombadier

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Seeking information about my uncle a bombadier

Post by cpa2222 » 18 Sep 2022 1708

My uncle, Emil Ashley Jordan was a bombardier and was killed May 12, 1945 off Mindanao. Apparently his plane exploded right after take off from wherever he had been stationed. I would like to know anything anyone can remember or has written about him. I was born 4 months after he was killed so I never met him.
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Re: Seeking information about my uncle a bombadier

Post by Bob Tupa » 05 Nov 2022 0047

Your uncle was part of the William Young crew in the 320th Squadron. The Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) number that I have is 334 but I do not have a copy of it. You may be able to find it on line.

YOUNG, WILLIAM W. #2023485, 320th Sqdn. Moscovitz, Morres K. #2023463, (cp), Baum, Bertrum I. #2060216, (n), Jordan, Emil A. #751601, (b), Morris, Lee O. Jr. #39919964, (e), LeMaye, Frank V. #12225871, (ag), Worfolk, William A. #31447951, (ag), Wood, Thomas C. #33638031, (g), Wells, Donald D. #42039234, (g), Chrisman, John R. #36035115, (g), crew member not listed, McIntire, Glen W. Jr. #17136275, what happened to him, with Price, R. B. #T4003,(b), Sturgis, R. A. #11091565, (ro). From my M A C R # 334, dated 5-12-1945, crashed about 30 miles S of Mindoro, PI. all aboard K I A.

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