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by RanchLady
17 Aug 2020 0815
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Topic: B-24 bomb bay door question
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Re: B-24 bomb bay door question

How very interesting!!! I never had even thought about someone walking and falling through the bomb bay doors!! Great question that was posed, (how did they fold up and down) and being cautious about walking over them on the catwalk.
by RanchLady
26 May 2020 2148
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Topic: New Member Introductions
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Re: New Member Introductions

I am Susan EWING Wolfe daughter of what was then Lt. John D. Ewing, of the 320th, 90th Bomb Group. I am new to this web page and am working my way around it. However I am NOT new to the "Jolly Rogers" 90th Bomb Group Association. My husband Buddy and I have been long time members of it, and my mothe...
by RanchLady
26 May 2020 2114
Forum: Seeking information...
Topic: John D. Ewing Pilot B-24 Iron Range
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John D. Ewing Pilot B-24 Iron Range

I know this is so far past WWII that most folks will not have known him. We have several letters from people that did remember him during his 2 years at Iron Range Australia. I would so dearly like to know if anyone has any old information they could possible add to my Father's information. We have ...