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Message No. 982
Author: Mick
Subject: Australia
Date: Wed Aug 4, 2010 17:10

On the 15th August 2010 a formal dedication and an unvieling of a large bronzed plaque to the USAAF, 5th Air Force, 90th Bombardment Group (all squadrons) will be permanantly on display within the grounds of the Rocky Creek War Memorial Park, Far North Queensland Australia. This will formally recognise the 90th Bombardment Group for all their efforts in Australia (Iron Range and Fenton) during World War 11, and to all 90th Bombardment Group members that lost their lives during World War 11. This plaque will now be a forever shining light of rememberance to the 90th. Thanks should also go to the 90th Bombardment Group Veterans Association, and Bob Tupa for the assistance provided for this to occurr.
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