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Author: Anonymous
Subject: Re: Dad's squadron
Date: Wed Jul 28, 2010 20:53

My list shows your father as S/SGT William H. Martin, Jr. He was with the 321st Squadron ... known as "Bombs Away". I hope this helps. You might try these websites:



Both of these websites are done by John Barrett whose father flew with the Jolly Rogers. They are an excellent source of information. My father flew with the 319th squadron and I've been researching his military career for several years now. Let me know if you need any more information.

Linda Phillips
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  • Dad's squadronRon Martin, Wed Jul 28 14:27
    Dear Linda, My father's name: William H. Martin, Jr. I hope you're able to help me identify his squadron. Many thanks, Ron
    • Re: Dad's squadronAnonymous, Thu Jul 29 04:58
      Here is his crew's picture http://www.jollyrogersweb.com/resultDetail.asp?jrID=2841
    • Re: Dad's squadron — Anonymous, Wed Jul 28 20:53
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