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Author: Dustin Faulkner
Subject: Cecil L. Faulkner
Date: Tue Jun 15, 2010 01:21


I some papers stating my grandfather was a member of the 321st BS, 90th BG. Just wondering if anyone knew him or the name of his B-24. Despite this paperwork, he is not mentioned in this web site or the Jolly Roger books.

He served in the SWPA with the 5th BG (I think) prior to joining the 90th. His logbook mentions places like Townsville and Iron Range in Australia. Before that, he was with the 31st BS and flew a B-17E at Midway.

Thank you!

Dustin Faulkner
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    • FaulknerKenneth E. Sheats, Wed Jun 16 07:31
      The Legacy of the 90th Bombardment Group has information on him also.
    • Cecil L FaulknerKenneth E. Sheats, Wed Jun 16 07:23
      The book "The Savage Wilderness byBarry Ralph has some information on him.
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