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Message No. 960
Author: Dennis Maloziec
Subject: Sgt. Walter Szeliga, Combat Gunner
Date: Tue Mar 23, 2010 21:39

Searching for info concerning "Uncle Walter" His B24 hit the side of the Owen Stanley Range on 12-20-42.
The wreck site was found about 45 years later, and remains of crew were intered in Arlington National Cemetary in April of 2000.
He was 23 years, and had been in the AAC about 9 months.
He was in the 90th Bomb Group, and I am finding his name mentioned with both the 320th and 400th Bomb Sqdn.
How did he make E4 in 9 months?
What type of training did "Combat Gunners" receive, and where?
The real heros never came home (alive), and we should never forget them.
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