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Subject: Chovenac
Date: Fri Mar 6, 2009 11:22


As a side note, Henry C. Simons was originally a crew member (gunner) with my father's crew of the Crosby's Curse. I sent a picture to Bob of the group that was investigating the crash site and were interviewing the locals . One of the stories my dad told me was that certain tribes of New Guinea head hunters practiced cannibalism and that it happened to one of their crews. I realize that the Chovenac crew was probably who he was referring to.


Kyle J. Guidry
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  • Lt. Chovanec & CrewBrian Lindner, Thu Mar 5 08:51
    The ending of the book was certainly less than stellar. If you have the IDPF on Chovenec then I'll order ones on two different crewmen.
    • Lt. Chovanec & CrewBrian Lindner, Thu Jul 2 15:36
      Update- The Army has been unable to locate the IDPF on Ratliff. They did find the one on Coggin. It shows that he was buried on site on the day after the crash. It does not say who buried him but... more
    • Chovenac — Anonymous, Fri Mar 6 11:22
      • Lt. ChovenacBrian Lindner, Fri Mar 6 11:51
        It sounds like head hunters were still a problem when the team first went to investigate the wreckage. One member of the team was killed.
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