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Message No. 849
Author: Steven Dunmore (son)
Subject: P.S. Lt. Colonel George P. Dunmore passes away...
Date: Wed Oct 31, 2007 10:01

P.S. TYPO CORRECTION: Correct DOB for Lt. Colonel George P. Dunmore in prior post should have read 5-13-1918, not 5-18-1918.
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  • Lt. Colonel George Dunmore passes away...Steven Dunmore (son), Wed Oct 31 09:57
    Retired Lt. Colonel George P. Dunmore, age 89, was with the "Jolly Rogers" bombing group or squadron during WWII in the South Pacific. Colonel Dunmore was born on 5-18-1918 in Royal Oak (Oakland... more
    • George DunmoreBob Tupa, Tue Nov 6 17:36
      Steven, My sympathies on your loss. I have a picture of your dad receiving the Air Medal and Silver Star that I can email you if you do not already have it. Email me directly and I will send it to... more
    • P.S. Lt. Colonel George P. Dunmore passes away... — Steven Dunmore (son), Wed Oct 31 10:01
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