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Author: Jason Heim
Subject: Duane L. Volz...
Date: Mon Oct 15, 2007 01:37

I'm looking for info on my grandfather, Duane Volz. According to his discharge papers, he was with the 321st, and his job title was "Airplace armorer & gunner 612." He passed away long before I was ever born, and he had never really talked much about his experiences with my mom before he died. So any info would be greatly appreciated, such as whether he was a crew member or part of the ground crew, and if he was a crew member, which ship he flew on? I am just getting into WWII reenacting and history research, and so far all of my focus has been on normal infantry, so the air force setup is a bit foreign to me.

Thanks in advance for any info anyone can give me. I may have some pictures to scan, me and my mom are scouring boxes for my grandfathers old photos.
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    • Re: Duane L. Volz...Anonymous, Tue Sep 23 13:10
      Duane volz this is Duane E.Volz if your grandfathers name was Duane edward volz you can contact me at CALOCKNSAFE@AOL.COM For the information you seek....
    • emailJason Heim, Tue Oct 16 10:00
      Hmm, I thought I checked the show email box, but I'm not seeing anything, so here it is: Ghostshark20@yahoo.com
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