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Message No. 841
Author: Kenneth Sheats
Subject: missing sgt.
Date: Wed Sep 26, 2007 21:52

Unfortunately The Legacy Of The 90th doesn't give the name of the plane. I have been helping with the JR site by posting information I have found with the men that have been listed. A lot of the men's photos have come from the WW11 Memorial site.
There is also a site called National Grave site locator where I have found a lot of burials but I have checked both sites with no results.I'm afraid Raymond J.Macolly maybe deceased as there is one listed on the Soc.Sec. death list.findagrave has nothing either.
The names of those killed are
1st Lt Victor H.Jacobson-2ndLt.William T Coomler-2nd Lt.James A.Burns-1st Lt Juluis A.Fitz-2nd Lt. Glenn S.Strothman-T/Sgt Donald R. Smith-T/Sgt Francis C. Brennan-S/Sgt James H. Kline and S/Sgt James C.Midkiff.There were extra men aboard so i don't know who the actual crew were.I think Lt. Fitz was from another crew.If you will send me your email address I will let you know when I find anything.
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  • Re: missing sgt 319th squadron AsterperiousLianag, Wed Sep 26 19:26
    Wow Kenneth! You are amazing! Thank you so much! So you found that Sgt. Kline was under Lt. Jacobson? Do you know what plane they flew? His crew unfortunately does not seem to be on the J.R. site. I... more
    • missing sgt. — Kenneth Sheats, Wed Sep 26 21:52
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