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Subject: B24D S/N 41-11898
Date: Mon Aug 20, 2007 21:53

I am researching this aircraft and crew that crashed on a training mission from Willow Run airfield inh Michigan on August 11, 1942. If you or someone you know was involved with flights from there or the crash investigation contact me please.
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    • Re: B24D S/N 41-11898Anonymous, Thu Aug 23 12:51
      USAF Serial Number Search Results 41-11898 crashed 6 mi S of Hastings, MI Aug 14, 1942.
      • B24D S/N 41-11898Dave Meek, Sat Aug 25 09:24
        That much I know. I have visited the crash site. I want to know about after the crash report. Specifically about sabotage to the engines??? And the person or persons that were arrested for it.
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