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Subject: Cy Brainard
Date: Fri Aug 17, 2007 09:54

Here is what I have:
Brainard, Ceylon H. 1st Lt. serial number 0437448 assigned to the 320th Squadron and his crew had credit for 7 enemy planes destroyed. That means the crew that he was a part of had seven confirmed enemy planes shot down. I have a general order dated Oct 1945 which lists the credits for all the bomber crews in the Fifth Air Force and there are only fifteen or so that had more. I tried to email you directly but it was returned, email me and I will give you some additional information.
Bob Tupa
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  • Cy BrainardGeorgia Gooch, Thu Aug 16 09:39
    Thank you for your help. Georgia
    • Cy Brainard — Bob Tupa, Fri Aug 17 09:54
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