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Subject: still searching
Date: Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:08

I am still searching for info on/anyone who may have known my father Michael J Perricelli. He was a 1st Lt. 400th squadron Black Pirates and lived in Niagara Falls NY in 1944. I have numerous photos but no names or idea of details of his service. I know he was in the South Pacific and also the Galapagos Isles. Am more than willing to share photos etc. Just really would like some info for my daughter, who has begun a WWII tribute group, much like the Andrews Sisters, called The Jive Bombers, in honor of her pops. Thank you.
Michele LoPresti
Binghamton NY
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    • Re: still searchingAnonymous, Thu Aug 16 16:53
      The Jolly Rogers Roster shows he was a member of the A.C. Bailey crew. This web site http://www.jollyrogersweb.com/ has a lot of information on the 90th B.G.
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